Radical Beings

Embody your full potential!

Do you feel there is more depth to explore in life but you don't know where to begin?

Do you want to discover the true nature of being and live from the essence, instead of conforming to socially constructed limitations?

Would you like to explore your sexuality in a more exciting and intimate way?

Do you long to have more meaningful and satisfying relationships?

Are you bored with your day-to day life and in need of extraordinary experiences?

Are you fed up with playing small and ready to step in your power?

Do you want to connect with a community of like-minded beings and feel a sense of belonging?

We're bringing together a group of radical beings who are ready for the transformation.

Join us in Bali for seven days of tantric exploration, powerful shamanic rituals, erotic inspiration, wild celebration and lessons in radical clarity.

October 20th - 27th 2019

Is this calling you?

The powerful places of Mother Earth

Our destinations have been carefully chosen to connect with local Spirits and the power of the land, as we tune into the elements and re-discover our oneness with all life. We take you on a journey through practices and ceremonies that tap into the magical, alchemical qualities of these special places, where deep healing and evolution can arise.

Mykonos, Greece

Brimming with magical scenes of natural beauty and ancient ruins of temples, Greece is alive with culture and tradition, and tells tales of golden eras, mysticism and spirituality, that weave into the song of contemporary life.

27th of April - 3rd of May

Our purpose

We aim to bring the draining process of seeking to an end, as we guide you towards the reality that your contentment does not depend on your outer or inner experiences.
We want you to access liberation from the conditioning and beliefs that disable you from being absolutely satisfied with your own innermost energy and wholeness
Through powerful strategies and techniques that enable you to live up to your highest potential, you will discover inner stability and clarity from which more vibrant relationships with others will arise.
Our retreats take you on a deep dive into the energetic process of self-realization that will revolutionize your life, as you explore and rediscover your birth given treasures that lie beyond trying to 'become' someone you are not.
We are excited to support you in this process!

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The 3 pillars of transformation


Energy clearing and cultivation


De-conditioning, beeing free from limiting beliefs

Free action

Expressing yourself fully and authenticly

This immersion includes:

Body de-armoring and conscious touch

An opportunity for deep healing through a healthy, loving and safe hands-on practice that releases emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages and pain from the body.

Multiorgasmic body experiences

Opening energy channels to release trauma and bring about sexual energy expansion.

Tantric meditations, rituals and temple immersions

Discover the gifts of empowered masculine and feminine energies, while balancing them through an embodiment of animal, human and spirit powers.

Shamanic initiation and activation journeys and ceremonies

To re-connect with the elements of Earth and Spirit.

Shadow work, energetic and emotional clearing.

To de-condition limiting beliefs around money, power and sex.

Active meditations and qi-gong

Practices of Radical Energy cultivation to transform conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Archetype embodiment work

Playful yet powerful boundaries exploration to expand your expressions, edges and potent creative energies.

Non-dual awareness satsangs

An Invitation to radical clarity and freedom, uprooting old re-action patterns and deeply ingrained beliefs.

Estatic dance, cacao ceremony and sound healing

Deepen your connection to yourself and others.

Authentic relating practice

Find new and more effective ways to express your desires, and explore freedom and creative potential.

Vision quests and deep sharing

Discover your own tools for integrating higher states of consciousness into daily living.

Special ceremonies and initiations

For deep experiential understanding of sexuality and spirituality connectedness.

What else awaits you...

Lovingly catered nutritious, nourishing and vibrant food, including 3 meals and a variety of tropical fruit a day.

An amazing location to indulge all your senses.

Comfortable accommodation at a private retreat centre/villa.

Free time to retreat yourself at a local spa, or have a private healing session.

Intimacy and life celebration in a tribe of like-minded people.

Our supportive attention and coaching around integrating your retreat experiences into your daily life.

You will go home...

More relaxed and joyful in your own body and sexuality

Empowered and ready to make steps in living your purpose und being your best self in relationships

Fulfilled and nourished

Shining with your true energy and charisma

Meet your facilitators

Natalya Bondar

Natalya is a transformational coach, healer and tantra facilitator, who travels the world organizing and leading life-changing festivals, workshops and retreats, alongside 1:1 offerings.

Her personal journey of healing from cancer and recovering from deep sexual trauma, has led her down a deeply committed spiritual path, where she has realized the simple, peaceful joy of living in unity with nature. This lies at the heart of everything she does.

Her studies and practice include Tantra, Shamanism, Taoism, Psychosomatic Medicine, Sacral Body Architecture, Reiki, Temple Dance and Shibari Healing.


Nikolai Ji

Nikolai's path led him on a discovery and exploration of many traditions, including tantrism, shamanism and martial arts. Having studied with masters from all of these traditions, his seeking ended when he realized his true nature, which creates all life and expresses itself in all living beings.

Today Nikolai enjoys sharing the teachings of non-dual consciousness with people all over the world. His aim is to guide opening and expansion to joy, love and clarity from within.

He is deeply committed to sharing practices that remove blockages and beliefs that keep people from experiencing the perfection of life. The greatest gift is to witness this unfolding.


Are you ready?

We invite enthusiasts and seekers of radical empowerment.

If you are done with playing small and ready to take the final step into your power, enriching your personal and professional life, then his radical journey is for you.

This training is for individuals and couples of all traditions, backgrounds and belief systems, those who want to explore and open their fullest potential as sexual and spiritual beings. No prior knowledge of any spiritual path and practice is required.

What people say

This retreat was not about becoming somebody new, but about finding myself. The one made by nature, the one who I was destined to be. Step-by-step, with guidance into powerful yet soft practices, and with the support of the circle and Natalya's caring attention, I was opening myself up, letting go of layer upon layer of all that I had held on to. Judgement of myself, masks and fears of being judged by others. I was clearing my own space - energetic, mental and emotional - and filling it with a new vision of myself, my mission, my essence and my real desires. I am grateful for this opportunity to know myself and to witness the great changes in my life that have arisen.

- Zhanar Tazhibaeva

I was amazed by Nikolai's ability to hold space. I felt very safe and taken care of in his presence. What I really enjoyed about his way of teaching is that he is very down to earth and not too serious, while also being radical and strong like a lion when its needed. Since I came in contact with him, I have experienced myself more clearly, playfully and with joy. He helped me be in love with who I am and celebrate myself every single day, instead of running around seeking and trying to become something or someone. Thank you so much!

- Nikole

So much support for this work! During retreat there was one main point that came through for me - being yourself! Not to compare myself with others, not to compare myself with my own expectations of an ideal "me". To let go of all mental knowledge about me which I got from different teachings: astrology, numerology, human design etc... I don't undervalue these teachings - they're all important! But, I now know the most important thing is to really listen to myself in the here and now. To come back to breath and appreciate, as I dissolve in the peace and beauty of the moment. I am incredibly grateful for the beauty of the retreat. For the support and inspiration to be myself now and not be dependent on what I know or think about myself.

- Helen Surkova

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